The Granville Central School District is dedicated to helping ensure our students' education is not disrupted due to loss of housing, economic hardship or disaster.

Definition of Homeless Child:

Education Law, Section 3209, states that a homeless child between ages 5 and 21, who has not received a high school diploma, shall be entitled to attend a public school without paying tuition.

Please read the following question. If you answer yes to any of the following questions you may be considered "homeless";

  1. Are you presently living in a shelter?

  2. Are you presently living with relatives or others due to lack of housing?

  3. Are you presently living in a motel, hotel or transitional housing situation?

  4. Are you living in a car, trailer on private property owned by other, or seasonal campsite?

  5. Are you temporarily with an adult that is not a parent or legal guardian?

Designation of School District of Attendance: If you are considered "Homeless" and are living within 50 miles of the child's school of origin, a choice will be made on where the student will attend school.


The law specifies who may designate the school district of attendance for the homeless child.

The designator can be:

  1. the parent or the person in parental relation to the homeless child;

  2. the homeless child, if no parent or person in parental relation is available;

  3. the director of a residential program for runaway and homeless youth operated under

  4. Article 19-H of Executive Law, in consultation with the homeless child where the child is living in such program.

**If you are enrolling your child in the district and they are homeless please provide the district with your previous address before becoming homeless and your child/ren's Social Security number.