2021-2022 Budget Vote Results

2021-2022 Budget Vote Results
Posted on 05/19/2021
This is the image for the news article titled 2021-2022 Budget Vote Results2021 Granville Budget Vote Results

The Board of Education, Granville Central School District, Towns of Granville, Herbon, Hampton, WHitehall, Washington County, New York be authorized to expend the sum set forth in the proposed budget in the total amount of $27,010,929 during the school year 2021-2022 and to levy the necessary tax therefore. 

323 Yes
114 No 

Proposition: Construction Capital Reserve Fund

The Granville Board of Education be authorized to (1) create a capital reserve fund to be known as the "2021 Construction Capital Reserve Fund" for the purpose of financing general improvements, construction, reconstruction, renovations or additions to various School District, buildings and grounds, including site work and the acquisition of original furnishings, equipment, machinery or apparatus required for the purpose for which such buildings are to be used; (2) fund said reserve in an amount not to exceed $5,000,000 (plus earnings thereon); (3) transfer funds from the 2021 unassigned fund balance to the 2021 Construction Capital Reserve Fund in an amount not to exceed $700,000, and thereafter annually deposit into the Capital Reserve Fund such portion of the General Fund and/or available unappropriated fund balance as determined by the Board of Education. The probably term of the Capital Reserve Fund is to be ten (10) years.

313 Yes
114 No

Board of Education Seats (3)
313 Connor Hoagland
242 Shirley Kunen
238 Emily Jenkins

202 Molly Biggs Celani
189 Nicole Austin
14 Heather Leamna
5 Ryan Pedone
2 Jacob Jones
1 Beverly Tatko
1 Julie Appler
1 Philip Berke
1 Dee Scarlotta

On Behalf of the Board of Education, administration, staff, and students, I would like to thank the Granville community for its support of our 2021-2022 school budget. A great deal of time and thought went into developing a responsible budget that supported our educational programs and goals and our 21-22 budget does just that. 

As we begin to transition back to a more typical school setting, you budget approval goes a long way to assist in the continued improvement of the Granville educational experience. 

Thank you, 
Tom McGurl
Superintendent of Schools